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Golf Punk’s Pocket Guide to Trolleys

Carrying a bag full of metal can get tiring so if you’re going to use help will you go push or electric? There’re a couple of things to think about. If you regularly lose your car keys then Electric trolleys might not be your thing. How big is your car? Seriously, do you need something that folds down to a sandwich or can you just bung it in the back. Before you make your mind up here are a couple of each.

PowaKaddy Sport 36 Hole Electric Golf Trolley

Lightweight and super-strong, this little beauty is packing a 200-watt motor that will easily last you 36 holes. As easy to manoeuvre as a nippy roadster and as stable as a…sturdy table. It folds away with no fussin' and fits in the boot of the made up sports car we just mentioned.

Motocaddy S1 Digital Electric Trolley with Lithium Battery

Like laptops and electric cars this S1 Digital Electric Trolley is powered by a lighter, more efficient Lithium battery and this power pack comes with a 5-year warranty. If you want to lift it in and out of the trolley just to see how light it is feel free but you don’t have to because the design allows you to fold down you trolley with the battery still in place.

Stewart Golf Z3 Push Trolley

The Z3GPS can do so much you’d think it was designed for the Swiss army. It’s got a foot brake to slow it down and when it’s stopped you can use the drinks cooler tube, multi-function handles with golf ball and tee compartment, scorecard and pencil holder, drinks holder, free umbrella holder to boot or GPS holder to find the partridge and pear tree that are probably on it somewhere.

FastFold Quad Trolley

Trolleys are ace but some of them are so fiddly you need to be a rocket scientist’s brain surgeon to operate them. Not the FastFold just press the break to stop and press the button to fold, done.

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