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Golf Punk’s Pocket Guide to Travel Bags

When forking out sizable sums on a set of shiny new clubs, the least you can do is make sure they’re protected when you take your new pride and joy overseas.

To make the most of your long weekend away on the green planes it is crucial to make sure your kit arrives in the same condition in which it left the country and the best way to make sure of that is to splash out on a travel bag.

The options available are two-fold; a hard case or a soft travel bag.

Hard cases are recommended for those who would be driven to tears by the very thought of their precious 3 wood picking up a scratch or two, and if this is the chosen option then the Big max Golf Guard Hard Box fits the bill.

However, if luggage space and allowances are a more pressing concern then soft travel bags provide a more flexible option, with Ping well renowned for delivering well on this front.

Also worth bearing in mind is to ensure that your chosen option comes equipped with wheels so as to avoid putting your back out lugging it through the arrivals lounge at the other end of your outbound flight.

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