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Golf Punk’s Pocket Guide to Pencil Bags

The sun stretches over the course, the rabbits begin to emerge for a bit of late afternoon sunbathing and you have escaped for that quick twilight nine. Just shove your clubs an a ball into a your lightweight, slimline pencil bag and strut like a pro.

Callaway Golf X Series Midi Pencil Bag

It’s a tardis of a pencil bag. You can jam three umbrellas in here with room for your waterproofs and it even stands up like a tour bag.

TaylorMade Golf Quiver Bag

You can still get a full set in here, but if you don’t feel like going out with a back full of iron it’s ideal. It weighs so little lady justice could balance her scales with this and a couple of bags of sugar. In fact it’s so light make sure you don’t float off*.

*You will not float off, who do you think you are Mary Poppins?

Mizuno Golf Scratch Sac V Bag

If you pack light to go on holiday you’ll love this. Sleek, adjustable with a comfy dual harness, it’s so collapsible you could turn this into the Russian dolls of scratch sacs. You could easily pack 15 into each other before you had a problem.

Titleist Golf Double Strap Carry Bag

It’s big enough for all your clubs and apparel and its suspension sling straps are so comfy you’ll forget you’re carrying anything at all. Cool in the summer, dry in the winter, what’s not to like?

Ping Moon Lite II

Two straps have been added to make this lightweight icon even more comfortable and nice touches like the standing straps which means that you don’t even have to bend down to pick up your bag. Pocket sizes and overall internal size has been increased to make it roomy, but still being sleek.

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