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Check out this in-depth buying guide for Push/Pull Trolley’s and find out which models are ideal for the terrain you play on and which ones are more apt for the bunker.

A modern-day energy saver, golf trolley’s are popular among golfers and are always out and about on any golf course you play on. Golf trolleys are considered a better way of carrying golf clubs as opposed to the more awkward and energy-sapping option of lugging them over a shoulder for hours on end. But choosing which is right for you can be daunting. Do you want a push or pull trolley? Which is better or are they the same? Our buying guide below can help you with these decisions.

Choosing the Golf Trolley That’s Right For You

Below are the differences between what a push trolley is as opposed to a pull trolley and the benefits that come with both models.

Push Trolleys

How Much And Are They Worth It?

More than affordable for most golfers, push trolleys are far less expensive than electric models and are perfect for placing golf bags on as well as any quirky accessories you may also have. Don’t be fooled by their relatively cheaper price tag, though; push trolleys are equal in performance to some of the higher end models.

Do They Offer Design Benefits?

The popular 3-wheel design is easier to steer and control than a 2-wheel version, which needs pulling. Push trolleys are incredibly stable when traversing golf courses in most weather conditions and will hold your golf bag tightly throughout. Push trolleys are quick and simple to assemble, taking no more than a few minutes, and can be folded down into a size compact enough to fit under your arm or place in the boot of your car. Wheels are also detachable to free even added space. It is always a good idea to check over the trolley after use and removing wheels can help see if any damage has been done to the interior.

Are There Storage Options?

Aside from holding your golf bag and all the golf clubs you desire, push trolleys also have accessory allocation for many other items. A place for umbrella holders to be attached and a place for scorecard holders will help with rain and keeping correct scores respectively.

Is the Push Trolley Lightweight In Construction?

Yes, push trolleys are extremely lightweight in construction and are easy to lift to and from your car. Folding down the trolley also makes this a simple task and the trolley is durable so can take a little knocking around despite its light design.

Pull Trolleys

How Much And Are They Worth It?

Very similar to the push trolley but slightly more affordable in general if you opt for the 2-wheel model, pull trolleys need to be dragged behind you as opposed to having the option of push or pull. It is ideal for amateur golfers more than seasoned pros as the trolley cannot do quite as much as the push trolley nor the electric versions. Junior golfers will certainly benefit from this type of trolley and it would make the perfect first trolley as well.

Are There Design Benefits?

The 2-whell model most common with pull trolleys can become frustrating when going uphill as you have to physically pull it around. However, this design is sometimes preferred due to being even lighter construction than the push trolley. Pull trolleys are also easy folders and can be placed into the rear of the car, no problem.

Storage Options & Additional Benefits?

Easy storage and a lightweight design are both fantastic traits for a golf trolley to have but they don’t offer anything different from the push trolley in this regard. That’s why the pull trolley also has straps for the top and bottom which secure the golf bag in place and assure all golf clubs inside remain safe.