Il consiglio dei professionisti

Buying a golf bag is all about personal choice. If something takes your fancy, its easy to carry or all your clubs fit inside, then why not buy it? In case you’re not this easily pleased, however, we have devised this simple guide to what golf bags are out there and what they offer to your golf game.

Golf Bag Types Explained

Cart Bag

Golfers who aren’t apt to carry a golf bag around over the shoulder all day long will likely seek solace in a cart bag. They offer an abundance of storage space for clothing, accessories and other personal items, and are best when placed atop a trolley.

Carry Bag

The carry bag is widely used on the golf course and is relatively popular, despite its basic appearance. top professionals. It can weigh as little as 3.5lbs and are simple, fun bag’s for the golf course.

Pencil Bag/Sunday Bag

Thinner, lighter versions to carry bags, a pencil and Sunday bags have a 6-inch diameter top and can hold 14 golf clubs without breaking a sweat. Easy to store due to their slightness in size, pencil bags do unfortunately offer poor protection in rain.

Stand Bag

Stand bags have legs so you can stand them on the green between shots and not have to lean it against a tree or hope the wind doesn’t knock it over, although you should always check the stability of a stand bag as you need to know if they can handle severe weather conditions.

Tour Bag

Tour bags are the biggest bag available right now and often they measure at around 10 inches in diameter and weight up to 45lbs. they are used often by professional players and can accommodate a mass of golf clubs. If you like to carry your own bags and clubs then this is not the bag for you. They are marked at the higher end of the purchasing spectrum but their quality is so evident that many golfers can easily overlook this and get one for anyway.