Il consiglio dei professionisti

Lugging a heavy, golf club laden bag over the golf course for the duration of an entire game is going to cause a lot of discomfort come the 18th hole, so why not try something a little less trying on the body and opt for a golf cart or trolley?

Two Designs

There is two types of unique golf trolley, the manual pull-along golf cart and its motorised equivalent. Working from very similar premises, the golf cart is ergonomically designed to hold a wide selection of golf clubs and can be pulled along comfortably. Its construction is simple and usually consists of a straight bar that runs at around 45 degrees – which the bag itself is supported at the base and top – and two rear wheels for added mobility.

Benefits & Features

Most golf carts can be easily collapsed; able to be tucked away for easy transportation with golf clubs to and from the golfing greens safely stored. Golf trolleys boast a huge range of accessory features to make them more functional and worthwhile on the golf course. Some of these accessories include umbrellas, scorecard holders and drinks holders.

Electric Golf Trolleys

Motorised golf trolleys are essential if you’re a golfer who has everything, or if you struggle to carry a large amount of golf clubs around the golf course. Electric trolleys are powered by an on-board motor and battery and modern mechanical trolleys need only to be steered in the correct direction. They require little to no effort and no technical knowhow is needed, either. The battery is chargeable with most lasting between 18 and 36 holes.