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Nike VRS Covert Driver

Nike’s drivers have got better and better in recent years. But the VRS Covert is a true game changer, offering an adjustable system like nobody else's, and performance that blows most drivers out of the water.

It’s a real eye catcher with its victory red crown colour that looks great behind the ball. The colour is classy while the swoosh on the crown really doesn’t bother you at address meaning it must be true that things appear bigger on TV.

The head is just so solid feeling when you hit it. You know when you mis-hits it, but you look up and the ball seems to end up finishing in the same spots.

Now, onto the huge cheese wedge missing from the back of the head. The high-speed cavity back design is unusual, but it seems to us that, essentially, they have made a square driver, but hidden the forgiveness in a traditionally shaped head. This is a good thing. With the FlexLoft system it’s very simple to pick the loft, and the ball-flight difference between the different loft options is obvious straight away. And most importantly it’s long. Really long, and we’ve picked up to about ten yards on last years VRS on the course. Bombs away.

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