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Titleist 913 Driver

Scream if you wanna go faster. Well further at least. Because thats what Titleist are promising us with the new 913 drivers. Designed to hit it further more often, the new Titleist drivers feature a new face design. By having a thicker centre the face conforms to the R&A rules, however to hit it further, wherever you hit it on the face the designers have thinned the face towards the edges. The new 913 drivers have a 11 percent larger sweetspot, which means miss hit drives will fly up to 6-yards further.

There are two models to chose from. For most people the D2 will be the better option. It’s more forgiving and has a draw bias built into the head. The D3 is smaller, and has a more traditional shape and has a neutral flight. It’s a gorgeous club.

They say these drivers has the Tour Van in the hosel. We call it nifty. The adjustable hosel design gives 16 different combinations of lie angle and face angle, which along with the four premium shaft options means there will be a 913 driver to suit your game. The Aldila RIP Phenom, Mitsubishi Diamana+ Blue and White, and the Mitsubishi Bassara are all Tour proven shafts to help optimise your distance.

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