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TaylorMade Ghost Spider S

The latest Ghost Spider S putter features something called Extreme MOI. It’s a great thing to boast about with your mates. ‘Yeah, my putter is Extreme MOI’, but what this means on a practical level is that this putter just wants to track back and through wherever you hit it on the face.

The two tungsten weights in the far corners make this the most forgiving TaylorMade putter yet, and its MOI number of 6000cm2 is a ridiculous amount, especially as this is a smaller model than most of the previous Spider putters. This means the face is much less likely to twist on mis-hits.

We love the monochrome contrast of the white frame with the black body, it makes alignment an absolute doddle. We're also big fans of the flow neck option, most mallets are face-balanced which doesn't suit everyone. The slant neck version will appeal to golfers who would traditionally play an Anser style putter, with its slight toe-hang.

Like many putters now, the Spider S features a grooved face insert that helps get the ball rolling towards the hole that much quicker. Made of surlyn, the same material used to make the cover of many golf balls, the PureRoll insert feels particularly soft at impact.

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