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TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2

With the promise of an extra 17-yards and being able to blast our 3-woods beyond the drivers of our playing partners, we did what most of the golf buying world did last year and ran over hot coals to have a go on the RockBallz.

We took it to task, dreaming of a world where all par-5s were reached in two and short doglegs were swatted away in the blink of an eye. And while RBZ was very, very long, we found it a little bit tricky off the deck.

But this year’s RBZ Stage 2 is even RocketBallsier (that’s their word, not ours).

The geometric disco crown is a little funky to look at, however it does help line the clubface towards the target. The shape at address is a bit more classic than last year’s model, and the face is shallower which is one of the key things that make it easier to hit. The Tour versions this year are also adjustable for face angle and loft.

But as well as being easier to hit, they’re claiming ten yards more yardage for us all. Most of the extra juice comes from the new Rocket steel face. That’s 27 yards on a three-wood just two years old. Time to start running again…

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