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TaylorMade R1

TaylorMade haven’t minded making a statement with their recent drivers, from the white and red of the R11, to last year’s white and green RBZ. But it’s the the latest R1 that really takes the biscuit. With its orange and grey go faster stripes, you can’t help but not be noticed. And with the power of the R1 we’re pretty sure you’ll soon be noticed for the right reasons, after smashing your drive down the fairway time and time again.

With its adjustable hosel, sole plate, and two adjustable weights, the R1 can be transformed into 168 different combinations. No longer do you need to pick a driver based on its loft, the TM adjust everywhere from 8-degrees all the way up to 12-degrees.

It’s a really hot head, and much lower spin than recent TM drivers, you’ll probably find you get the best results from going up in loft rather than lower.

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