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PING Scottsdale TR Putters

Ping, being Ping, have designed a new range of putters that aren’t only cracking to look at, but much easier to use.

The Scottsdale TR’s feature a grooved insert that isn’t there to improve roll like most manufacturers claim, but by making the grooves shallower in the the heel and toe, the control the speed of the ball off of the putter face.

While this sounds odd, what it means is that every putt should roll the same distance, whether you hit it in the sweetspot, or missed it completely. Lee Westwood is already using this tech to great success as is Hunter Mahan.

The Scottsdale TR is also the first line of putters with an adjustable shaft length, and each putter can be moved up and down from 31” all the way to Angel Cabrera’s favoured 38-inches.

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