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PING Tour Gorge Wedges

Ping aren’t the first name you think of when it comes to pretty wedges. The Ping Eye 2 was iconic and much beloved, but it was never going to win any beauty competitions. It was such a popular design and performed incredibly off nearly any lie that Ping re-released it last year as the Eye 2 XG.

But the new Tour Gorge wedge is a beaut, especially at address. Its black finish looks ace behind the ball, and helped us line up correctly.

The Custom Tuning Port might sound a mouthful, but the design really does help the club feel softer than some of the earlier Ping wedges.

The Gorge grooves don’t quite bite the cover off the golf ball, but they make the ball dance when it lands. We like the thin sole wedges especially off hard links turf, but the wide sole would be good if we were playing a course with particularly deep pot bunkers.

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