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Odyssey Versa Putters

To be a good putter you need to find a putter you can aim at the target line consistently. Sounds obvious but the amount of players using putters not suited to them is huge.

The Versa has been designed to be the simplest putter to aim in the correct spot. And while Zebra has already gone as a name for a putter, the black and white striped designs really show whether the clubface is aiming at the right spot.

There’s a huge options of head shapes, and nearly every model other than the 2-Ball is offered in either a black-white-black, or white-black-white. It’s amazing how different the putters appear with the different finishes.

We found the black-white-black heads lined up better, while the white-black-white heads looked bigger and more forgiving. Our favourite is the number 7 or fang. It just aims perfectly in its new Geordie finish. Expect to see these all over your TV screens this year with professionals already winning tournaments with the new range.

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