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Mizuno MP H4 Utility Iron

If like us you sometimes find you struggle with your long irons, but can’t do anything other than hook your hybrid, you should probably try a utility iron. While there’s a few on the market this season, after not being very popular in recent years, we really like the new MP H4 from Mizuno.

With its wide sole and chunky top line, it instills confidence to make an almighty swipe at the ball. But because it is swung like an iron, it doesn't tend to hook like a hybrid might.

The MP H4 is forged so it should feel very similar to your Mizuno Hybrids but offer a ton more forgiveness. And for the links golfers out there they drill the ball much lower than a hybrid would tend to, but hit higher than the equivalent long-iron. We find they tend to work well with the same shafts you use in your irons, but your mileage may vary.

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