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Mizuno MP64

We love Mizuno irons. They’re as soft as toasted marshmallows at impact, you could shave in the shiny chrome, and they make you look like a better golfer than you are by simply having them in your pencil bag. The MP64’s give us all those tingly feeling, and more.

The Grain Flow forging is what makes them feel pillow soft at impact. Their is lot’s of science involved, and alignments of grain structures, but yada, yada, yada. We don’t need to know why they’re soft, just that they are soft. While they definitely aren’t classified as easy to hit, these irons designed for Luke Donald do have some forgiveness. The Muscle weight pad design gives them that buttery blade like feel even though they are a set of cavity backs. A more classic sole design helps you take perfect divots shot after shot. And they feature a similar high toe profile to the all time classic MP32 design, clubs that are still getting a lot of play years after they were first released.

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