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Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons

Cobra Golf is gearing up for its 40th anniversary and is in party mood. And their raison d'être is to make golf easy and fun. So to celebrate they’re releasing these Baffler hybrid irons, as a nod to the iconic original wooden Baffler with its railed sole that has been rescuing many a wild drive since 1975.

Now, I'm a sadist who likes making golf hard for myself. I like using blades because they test me. I use extra stiff shafts because I swing it too hard. And I used to hit a 1-iron. But if that doesn’t sound like you at all, you'll probably like the new Cobra Baffler set. Designed to be as forgiving and high launching as can be, these are the perfect clubs for someone looking to make the game as easy as possible. With the low centre-of-gravity, and railed soles these clubs just want to hit the ball high and straight.

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