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Cobra AMP Cell Driver

When we first saw the new Cobra AMP Cell drivers we were a little taken a back. The choice of colours was staggering and the headcovers look like they’d been left overnight at a kids nursery.

Cobra are also claiming that one driver could fit nearly everyone.

So we hit it, and we can safely say this is the longest orange driver we have ever hit. And the easiest too.

With a turn of the wrench, the driver is adjustable from 8.5 to 11.5 degrees. There’s no faffing about with sole plates, no movable weights, it’s just turn and click.

It also might be the easiest to hit driver on the market this season. The ball just rockets off the face high and straight, the Fuikura shaft doing a really good job in helping the ball go where it’s meant to. And then there’s the choice of colours. We really like the deep red, or the silver, while the orange is much better in the flesh than expected. The blue was a little rich for our eyes at address, but perfect for any patriotic scotsman.

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