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Cleveland Classic Custom XL

It’s not quite Green & Blacks, but the new Cleveland Classic Custom XL is definitely a smooth-looking driver.

The Classic XL Custom isn’t quite as retro as last year’s model as they’ve dropped the burgundy finish. But last year’s driver wasn’t adjustable for face angle and swingweight and that’s the significant difference with this club.

The driver has 12 face angle settings changing the loft the clubface 1.5 degrees up or down in loft, with 12 different settings.

It also has the largest deepest face in golf, helping make the club forgiving wherever you hit it on the face, and if you’re like us you’ll use all of it.

The Classic XL Custom also comes with three adjustable weights, perfect for people who swap between driver shafts and are trying to retain the swingweight. To get the correct flight the Cleveland is available with 3 different custom shafts options, the Matrix Ozik 6M3 for a low launch, Miyazaki JDL for a mid launch, and a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki 53 for high launch.

We like the Matrix, the black head and black shaft combo look like the perfect driver for Darth Vader.

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