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Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges

If you’re a golfer and you haven’t played a Cleveland wedge at some point, well, you’re not a golfer.

Famous for their wedges, the 588 is a true icon. The biggest selling wedge of all time. And this year they’ve released new versions that anyone can use.

For ease of use we really like the new 588RTX CB. It’s got a slightly larger head and a cavity for forgiveness, but still looks classic at address. It’s easy to use and spins like a washing machine, the new Rotex grooves giving bite unlike anything we’ve tried.

The better player they may prefer the 588MB. It has a thinner sole, and is a little more versatile. The Black Pearl finish looks amazing, and they are the sort of clubs that have you pinseeking whenever you get within range.

Featuring the same Rotex grooves, we quite like the combination of the CB in a Gap wedge and Sand wedge with the MB in the bag to hit the big flop shot.

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