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Adams Super LS Hybrids

When TaylorMade bought Adams last year, it was not only because they were strong in the ladies and seniors market, but because they knew their fairways and hybrids flew a bloody long way and this acquisition would unlock some of those secrets for themselves.

Last years Super XTD fairways and hybrids were absolute monsters, but they’ve been superceded this season with the new Super Speedline models. You may have heard of something called a ‘speedpocket’. That little pocket behind the clubface of the RocketBallz clubs that spring load your ball into the sky. Well, Adams have two. Actually, they have two ‘Velocity Pockets’. One in the sole and one on the crown.

At impact these pockets cause the face flexes and launches the ball higher with low spin.

There’s video footage online of new Adams signing Jeff Overton hitting the new Speedline LS Hybrid clubs further than his old fairway woods, and not far off his driver distance.

The LS hybrids feature a titanium crown and face, with a heavy steel sole for a low centre-of-gravity. With lofts available all the way down to 15-degree this really could be more than just a hybrid, and replace the three-wood.

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