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Golf Punk’s Pocket Guide to Hybrids

Whether you’re a major winner or a club golfer, it is likely that you will have experimented with a Hybrid club over the past few years.

The technology going into producing the ultimate Utility golf club has had a profound effect on the sport in recent years and very few players at any level can now afford to go without having one in their locker, or more to the point, in their bag.

There are two main variations on the hybrid theme and these are driving irons, and the more commonly known and used wood-style hybrids.

Driving irons are perfect for those capable of booming their irons beyond the 200 yard mark and who are looking to bring more consistency and control into their game and options such a the Mizuno MP- H4 have appealed strongly to the more accomplished golfer.

Wood-style hybrids though are more adaptable and have therefore proven to be must have clubs for amateurs in particular, as they have given many players the opportunity to make great yards even from the ugliest of lies. TaylorMade’s RBZ Stage2 model is a great club and would be worthy of place in most club selections.

Most who have persisted with the use of a hybrid are now hooked and couldn’t be without one, and most detractors just haven’t found the right club or the right way to use it. When used correctly and set properly back in the stance, the results will speak for themselves.