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Pleasy Golf Gripglider

Pleasy Golf Gripgliders allows golf clubs to slide easily into the bag after a round without becoming stuck. Each Gripglider takes only a few seconds to secure safely and then each individual golf club can be identified via the Gripglider button placed front and centre at the top end of the golf grip. Gripgliders are not exactly cheap and may be more of a customisation tool than anything necessary for your game, but they are smart, popular and growing in sales so maybe getting one yourself wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

TLC Weight Cartridges

TaylorMade Golf is the sole designer of the TLC Weight Cartridge and as such they only work on R7 Drivers and Fairway Woods. TaylorMade took up the challenge of developing a safe moveable weight within the golf club and the Weight Cartridge was born.

Making moveable weights safe was very important as the load of impact from a powerful golf swing can dislodge a heavy weight and also make them easier to remove and change, minus the fuss. The three-piece TLC Cartridge TaylorMade came up with is now very well used around the world and has been at the centre of some major golf tournaments.