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Titleist Pro V1 2013 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 has been a strong favourite of golfers for what seems like an eternity and the latest offering from this line is promising more improvements on what already is golf’s No1 ball.

The latest in the long production line of this model promises increased distance off the tee, as well as a more consistent ball flight and improved control around the greens. We like that word ‘promises’. It suggests that no matter what manner of slash we wave in the direction of the ball it will try its very best to stay on the playing surface.

This new design a softer core for increased distance and feel, while the new cover is more durable. They’ve even given the ball a new paint job, so that it stays whiter for longer.

That last amendment might be the clearest window into the ProV1 player. It’s about perfection, about seeking the best and trying everything you can to make sure that you’re constantly striving for the top. In this ball you can see that they’ve done all the hard scientific work. All you have to do is get it in the hole.

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