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Review: PUMA Golf Performance Glove

Getting the right grip is vital to a performance on the golf course. You don’t want to let loose a vicious drive over the fairway only to discover moments later that your new golf club is hurtling through the sky hot on the heels of your just-hit golf ball. Wearing golf gloves such as the PUMA Golf Performance Glove will assure you remain in complete control during every swing.

The PUMA Golf Performance Glove is made from breathable performance Lycra on top of the hand and on the sides of the fingers, keeping hands cool and airy. The genuine cabaretta leather palm and fingers makes for excellent grip surface, while the glove itself benefits from being 60% leather.

With a stylish design, the PUMA Golf Performance Glove features a dimensional printed monoline Cat logo (classic PUMA!), raised 18 hole logo on the closure tab and a woven loop label with PUMA Cat logo (more classic PUMA!).

And to assure you aren’t constantly drawing attention to yourself and putting other golfers around you off their stride, the PUMA Golf Performance Glove features an ultra-quiet hook and loop system when fastening your glove.

Innovatively sound, the PUMA Golf Performance Glove offers the perfect balance of style, performance, breathability and comfort from the first hole to the last.

Treat your hands, check out the PUMA Golf Performance Glove now! Or have a browse of our entire Golf Glove range!