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Pinnacle Ladies Bling Golf Balls

Pinnacle aren't renowned for providing many of golf's superstars with their ball-based artillery, but the distance which they provide and their always reasonable prices mean that they should not be discounted from the reckoning when buying your next batch of balls.

The new Bling ladies golf ball range from Pinnacle offers four different variations of hi-vis coloured ball, perfect for ladies who like nothing more than meeting up for a round of Sunday foursomes.

The balls when bought as a box of 12 provide four different sleeves of 3 golf balls, coming in eye-catching orange, luminous yellow, pink and purple.

The price-tag is not to be sniffed at when you consider that that works out at a little over a pound a ball, and also when bearing in mind that they should provide plenty of value for money with their bold colours making them harder to lose.

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