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Nike Golf Enamel Plaque Belt

Nike have never been ashamed of their mission to find and inspire some of the most aspirational sports stars in the world and they have used their swoosh and brand as the definitive stamp of that mission. That you can see it everywhere from Everest through to the Sahara desert shows how far they’ve reached in becoming the biggest selling sports brand on the planet.

There are those of us watching Tiger and Rory on the adverts wishing that we could buy into that dream as well, but while we might not have 10,000 hours to spend on the practice ground, we can start small with this Enamel Plaque belt.

The two colours (red reef, and court purple) and dominant buckle branding make it a proper statement piece that, paired with the right trousers, will make you look good, feel good and, hopefully, play well.

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