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The unpredictability of weather is a major concern for golfers who aren’t prepared for the cold. Like any sport, having attire that covers all conditions is a safe way to protect yourself from getting caught out, and this applies especially in cold winter weather as the temperature can drop to dangerous levels. So we’ve created this simple buying guide to winter weather accessories, highlighting everything you may need for golfing in minus degree weather.

Golf Gloves

When it comes to buying golf gloves there’s a lot more to it than simply finding a pair that will keep hands warm throughout a round. Cold weather will be relentless and can cause plenty of problems for players unprepared for the rigors of golfing in chilly conditions, so incorporating gloves into your game in all weathers can be beneficial in lots of ways.

Golf gloves work to stop grip tension in the fingers when clutching a golf club and also eliminate that awful tingling in the fingers that can occur so often when striking the golf ball with cold hands. Plenty of top golf brands offer built-in technology in their golf gloves and this always worth checking out. For instance, a lot of golf gloves now offer moisture management capabilities or ‘wicking properties’ that keeps perspiration away from the skin and instead pushes it up into the gloves fabrics and out into the open where it is quickly evaporated. A great way to keep you cool and dry without hassle, you don’t even need to take off the glove to dry hands manually. Golf gloves are also generally hardened for the winter weather and will perform to optimal standard no matter how low the temperature drops.

Pyramid Golf Tees

Pyramid tees are a smart invention created to give you the ability to play golf even when the weather turns so cold that turf is virtually impenetrable via regular golf tees.

Pyramid tees are similar to regular golf tees and serve the basic purposes, bur take on a life of their own when an icy golf course blocks your progress. Pyramid tees are made from rubber and specially devised to break through hard ground. They are available in 3 sizes to cover every possible golf swing and will easily force their way into the stubborn frozen turf so your game can commence without problem. Pyramid tees even eliminate the threat of cold or sore fingers that are regular when trying to force a golf tee into the ground when the green is frosty.

Golf Mittens

Cold hands for golf are an absolute no-no. They can create unnecessary tension in the fingers and joints, and this can cause seriously unpleasant physical pain discomfort and of course very poor performances. Golf mitts eliminate this problem and warm hands throughout the round.

We all know that playing in cold weather can be detrimental to your game. Stiff joints, aching fingers and a host of others ailments will surely seek to slow you down and ruin your day. Golf mitts warm the entirety of the hand from tip to top and even the ridge of your wrist. Some golf mitts are made with a soft interior fleece lining that circulates warmth around the hands without making them overheat, so once removed from the hand they will leave you dry and able to play the shot with relative ease.

Golf Beanies

Golf beanies lay close to the head to allow more warmth to get into the body while at the same time giving a stylish golf appearance to the player. The beanies main purpose is to protect the head and ears from biting cold and this is achieved by the tight-fitting design that grips well and holds firm. Often made from cotton materials or wool, the beanie hat is ideal comfort for golfers both on and off the golf course.

Golf Handwarmers

Handwarmers placed inside a pocket within easy reach of the hands will guarantee warmth and comfort. In icy conditions these handwarmers work to regulate warmth around the pocket and give your hands a burst of heat, so using them in cold, windy conditions can really be of benefit. Placing a golf ball inside the pocket with the handwarmer is a good trick too as it can warm the core of the ball so it travels longer and further down the fairway in poor weather conditions.

Handwarmers vary somewhat in design and price. For example, an electronic version of the handwarmer will require a good charge before its ready for use, after which it will work for up to six hours on average. The electronic design has multiple heat settings, which means it’s possible to find the correct level of warmth for you. On the other hand (no pun intended!) you have a much simpler design. As opposed to an electronic version, other handwarmers are thinner and almost weightless in a pad design, though this means they do not offer heat setting controls. They do however last for seven hours and work in much the same way as the electronic versions do, and for a lot less money.