Il consiglio dei professionisti

The key to winning is consistency, whether that means running a good fifteen miles a day to be in tip-top shape or hitting the gym for a few hours to stay trim. Consistency is what drives us to perform better each time, and every moment spent consistently working to improve can do no harm at all, especially when it’s for something as tough as golf.

Unless you’re a golfing pro, and let’s face it we all think we could be, then chances are you aren’t really consistent on the golf course. So train harder, they say. Well, that’s all well and good, but with busy schedules to lead, even getting in an hour a week is a stretch for some people. Practice aids do, however, offer us a way of keeping consistency within reach without having to take time out of our schedules.

Long Game Training Aids

Full-size practice nets are ideal for your long game and are perfect for setting-up in the back garden. With people’s lives far too busy for leisure, the driving range is just not possible. So a driving net in the back garden is a good way to give yourself a few minutes in the morning or evening to hone those skills so you remain sharp when the day comes and you can play a few rounds. These practice nets and driving ranges are well suited to dual surface driving mats and emulate hitting golf balls out the rough, off the tee or from the fairway.

Short Game Training Aids

The short game is pivotal for a successful game so having a chipping net set up either in your spare room, office or back garden offers essential short game benefits to keep you sharp and prepared. Foam golf balls are also available to remove that terrible inevitability often occurring when hitting something solid around a room filled with priceless ornaments. Practicing short game is a very fun and rewarding exercise which can reduce fat or thin slice shots on the golf course.

Putting Training Aids

The mere fact that golfers take more swings with the putter than they do any other golf club in their bag speak volumes about how important putting aids can be to a game. Surprisingly this statistic is belied by the ridiculous fact that putting is the least practiced element of people’s game. Realistic putting mats with hazards and golf ball return system are permanent fixtures in more than a few households and office blocks, with the trend really beginning to pick up pace. And if you want to be a better player, then putting mats are the way to go.