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No one grip will be to every golfers taste. Everyone, from top Tour professionals to casual golfers, will have their own personal requirements and preferences. The right grip can work wonders for your overall game and save a lot of problems later on. So we’ve devised this simple buying guide to give you the insight into golf grips, what they do and why they are so necessary to your game.

Do I Need To Re-Grip And Why?

Re-gripping is a natural process of golf and should not be taken lightly. There’s no moment in time that a golf grip suddenly becomes unusable anymore as it largely depends on how often you use it. Casual golfers who occasionally take to the greens will inevitably last longer than golfers who live and breathe the sport. Oils from hands, sunlight and dirt all contribute to a golf grip degrading and becoming useless, and unfortunately there’s very little that can be done about it. New golf grips will provide traction and allow you to hold the golf club lightly without fear of losing hold during the arc of a swing. A relaxed state of body and mind when swinging the golf club aids correct swing mechanics and wrist action. Grips that are worn out and aged will force you to grip the club harder, thus resulting in arm and wrist tension that disrupts natural rhythm.

How Often Should I Re-Grip My Golf Club?

Once a year is a good marker to lay down when it comes to re-gripping, though this does depend on how often the golf clubs are in use. Still, changing golf clubs yearly will guarantee avoiding unnecessary tension and wrist pains. Golf grips degrade subtly, too, so you need to be vigilant with regular quality checks. If the golf grip starts to become hard and glaze over it will begin losing its natural feel. Re-gripping every spring when the golf season “officially” opens is the easiest way to keep on top of knowing when to re-grip.

Do I Need To Seek Professional Assistance In Order To Re-Grip?

A lot of golfers are not confident re-gripping the golf clubs themselves, though it is possible to do. Alternatively, several golf clubs will offer a re-gripping service that should have the club back to you within a few days of handing over. If you want to give re-gripping a try yourself, our How To Re-Grip The Golf Club section below will help.

How To Re-Grip The Golf Club

A cheaper alternative to asking for help from professionals, re-gripping the golf club yourself is now a popular option. You can purchase a grip kit from local golf stores or online, or logo onto the Onlinegolf site and ask one of our experts who will be more than happy to advise. Our online customer community may also be able to offer valuable guidance should you need it.