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SkyPro by SkyCaddie

Have you ever wanted swing coach you can carry around in your pocket? Unfortunately the technology and the clothing to carry around one of the Harmons seems a long way off but fortunately SkyGolf, the maker of SkyCaddie rangefinder, have developed just such a tool. The SkyPro.

A swing analyzer and training tool, SkyPro features a small, lightweight device (under an ounce) that attaches to a golf club just below the grip and provides a variety of swing feedback, via bluetooth, to a smartphone app.

The device captures as many as 100,000 data points from address to impact including clubhead speed, swing path, club rotation, face angle, swing plane, impact position and tempo, all without the golfer having to push a button.

You can store thousands of swings and view it in 3D, from virtually any angle, at any speed. SkyGolf understand that mobile phones are frowned upon on some courses so have decided to design the device so that your swing information can be stored and transferred to your smartphone when convenient. But for places, like the range, where using your phone is more acceptable there are plenty of drills so you can have some fun while working on your swing.

With eight hours of swinging on a single charge you have to be very slow to be unable to track at least one round. With endorsements from 2012 PGA teacher of the year Michael Breed and Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney SkyPro is the real deal.

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